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Android application for your mobile security

Posted by Bloglovers on December 31, 2011

Now that Google’s Android mobile OS has been released to the public for some time and now thoughts of security are floating around in our minds. I am sure that many people just want a simple app to take care of security for them. Well, the good news is that since Android is based off of Linux inherently it is less susceptible to malware. The the flip side, Android users should think about their own private security since even Android developers say that their product is not completely secure due to the fact that apps must intercommunicate. Ultimately you will need to decide how much security you want on your phone. offers several free security apps to help you browse the internet, text your friends, and talk as securely as possible.

Secure SMS

This app will allow you to encrypt and decrypt your texts. This can be great for users who communicate potentially sensitive information via texting.

WaveSecure Mobile Security

WaveSecure is an app that takes action when your phone is lost or stolen. Via a secure website you can destroy or recover data, track changes to your SIM card, lock the phone, or back-up your personal data remotely.

Anti-virus Free

This little AV is all about protecting your phone from malware and exploits with real-time scanning. Additionally you can have it filter SMS so that you never have to read or pay for an annoying SPAM message again.


This little piece of software allows the smartphone to connect to a secure shell server which typically run on UNIX-based servers. Several shells can be open at once and controlled by the user. This Android app is typically used by power users and not general users as you do need to know shell commands in order to truly use the app.

Although ConnectBot 1.6.1 is out I thought you might be interested to watch the basic features.

Keeper(TM) Password & Data Vault
Keeper is certified by the U.S. government to keep your passwords, notes, logins, and other sensitive information safe from prying eyes. This little Droid app has AES encryption that will make breaking into it tougher than sneaking back into your parents house after a night of partying.

Do you ever take sensitive pictures that you do not want just anybody to see? If you do then LokPixLite is perfect for you. Encrypt as many as 25 pictures, import, export, capture, and view pictures without a worry that someone else will see your work. Get this above application for your mobile and make sure you keep away from hackers and malicious attacks.


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